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EMMELINE By Ray Samuels Audio

Cables & LOD's

I have been asked time & again to make some cables with military spec wire that I use in my amps.

I have come with this very special iPod/iPhone DOC cable that uses one off the highest quality mil specs wire. It is also very expensive as this wire has gone through all kind of tests being that of the salty water environment or icy cold outer space or to hell & back kind of heat.

We are using the 22 AWG wire which has the highest purity copper, with silver coating & heat resistant jacket. We are also implementing the best 90 degree angle, stereo mini jacks with Gold contacts. As far as the iPod doc connector, we are using the lowest profile doc connector available in the market. This cable is designed for the Shadow & the Nano, to give you the best portable rig for traveling. Other LODs, as you see above, are designed to work with all kind of sources. This Mil spec wire, brings the best quality signal to your amp with out coloring or holding back any of the three frequencies.

It truly sounds amazing. This is the very first of its kind, we are making this cable for all type of iPod/iPhone that you own.

Ray Samuels