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EMMELINE By Ray Samuels Audio

F-117, The Nighthawk MC/MM Phono Stage


First, The charger of the F-117, Nighthawk, has a RED color LED when charging the battery. The LED on the CHARGER turns to color GREEN when the battery is fully charged.

Second, The Nighthawk will NOT turn on if the charger plug is in the unit. This insures the operation of the F-117 on Lithium Ion battery alone.

The Nighthawk

We call the F-117, Nighthawk, THE GIANT KILLER, as there is nothing small about it, beside the size, when it comes to the quality of the sound it produces. Lithium Ion powered, with amazing play back time, around six days of play back @ 8 hours per day from a single charge, with a sound to die for.

The Nighthawk is designed to drive all cartridges from the lowest gain MC to the highest gain MM. Gain range is from 40db-75db in six increments. Six loads are provided to match the cartridge used, load of 30, 50, 100, 500, 1k & 47K. The Nighthawk is absolutely noiseless at the highest gain.

The load switch can be used as a fast tweak on the go. When dialing a higher load, resistance, the top is more extended. Dialing lower load, resistance, the bottom end is more extended.

We assure you that the F-117, Nighthawk, will set a new standard in the phono stage industry when it comes to sound quality/price ratio. We have compared this little Gem to thousands of dollars phono stages using HRX turn table by VPI, with Shelter X90 cartridge & the results were amazing.

The Nighthawk comes with 3 years unlimited Warranty, it is transferable to second or third owner no question asked. Parts & labor are included; customer pays the shipping fee only.

F-117, Nighthawk, phono stage specs.

MC, MM phono stage. Lithium ion operated. 5-6 days of play back at 8 hours per day from single charge.

Two independent rotary switches, each with six increments of gains, from 40db-74db, per channel.

Two independent rotary switches, each with six loads, from 30, 80, 100, 1K & 47K, per channel. Frequency response 5-100K S/N around 78db THD < 0.03% Output impedance around 60 ohms Active RIAA equalization. Dimensions… Width- 4.4” , 115mm Depth, from the tip of the RCA to the tip of the knobs is 4.25” , 110mm Height, 0.8” , 20mm Weight, 0.8 pound Hand build in the US