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EMMELINE By Ray Samuels Audio

Emmeline HR-2 Headphone Amp

The HR-2 is a high resolution headphone amplifier. It incorporates two state of the art AD797 audio IC’s—the best ever made. It is tweaked on a very high resolution audio system and provides all the appealing magical characteristics and fullness of a well detailed headphone amp. The HR-2 is hand built with high quality electronic parts. All resistors are .1% Dale (vishay). All the caps are polypropylene and tantalum.

The volume control is a full size noble which is directly soldered to the PC board with no wires that can create noise or hum, like wise the headphone Jack. The PC board is the best quality FR4 material with military specs. two oz. copper and double sided. All power and signal traces are separated with blocks of grounds and lanes. All parts are matched between the left and right channels to perfection (resistors and caps). The output stage is capable of driving any load at any ohmage. The PC board is housed in a black anodized chassis with a custom face plate and Red power indicator LED. Two quality gold RCA input connectors are placed on the back plate.

The HR-2 headphone amp gets power from an external high quality power supply installed in a black anodized chassis that is shielded and fully regulated +/-12v DC. All electrolytic caps are bypassed with smoothing polypropylene caps. The power is transferred through four conductor low noise shielded cables. The PC board in the power supply is a FR4 material with military specs. two oz. copper. The transformer is of the highest grade class-A shielded and encapsulated toroidal, with two secondary winding. Each winding has a full wave bridge rectifier and adjustable regulators to be precise in voltage between negative and positive in relation to ground.

The quality of sound is of highest you can imagine. Precise, dynamic, warm, and full. It is very quiet and detailed. The HR-2 is warranted for 3 years, parts and labor from day of purchase and it is transferable to second owner.


  • Main Chassis Dimensions: 6×4.5×1.5
  • Power Supply Dimensions: 6×4.5×2.5
  • Made in the USA