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The Intruder, Fully Balanced Amp/USB DAC

The Intruder is a fully balanced portable amp, input to output, designed to drive ALL the phones including the most difficult the HE-6 by Hi Fi Man.

The Intruder is designed to make you enjoy listening to your computer’s music files, in balanced when connected via a USB cable. By flipping the two toggle switches on the back panel toward the USB, you can digitally listen via the DAC built into the Intruder.

The BALANCED/SE selector switch on the back panel is bypassed when USB is selected via USB/INPUT switch. It is active when INPUT is selected via USB/INPUT switch.

The BALANCED/SE switch should be toward SE connector, 3.5 mm, when input signal is from a SE source. When fully balanced signal is used from either balanced CD or DAC the BALANCED/SE switch should be toward the BALANCED Connector.

When receiving the Intruder, Please charge the battery first. If music stopped playing & the LED is dim you should charge the battery.

The two gain switches are on the front panel. The HI gain is designed to swing the voltage needed to satisfy the very demanding phones, specially, when SE input is fed low signal via iDevices.

  • LO gain of 3
  • MID gain of 6
  • HI gain of 21

You will always listen to a balanced sound if balanced output connector is used, even if your input signal is Single Ended.

Both input & output connectors have identical pins assignment & they are identical to that of the SR-71B & the Protector amps.

The Intruder has three years warranty, it covers parts & labor.

The battery has one year warranty.

Specs will follow….

Balanced connector pins assignment:

Pin # one is Positive signal of left channel. Pin # three is the Negative signal of the left channel

Pin # two is the Positive signal of the right channel. Pin # four is the Native signal of the right Channel.