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EMMELINE By Ray Samuels Audio

Emmeline, The Protector: The World's First Balanced, Ultra-Portable Headphone Amp


The charger of the Protector, has a RED color LED when charging the battery. The LED on the CHARGER turns to color GREEN when the battery is fully charged.

The Protector, Worlds FIRST ultra portable, BALANCED, headphone amp, takes sound reproduction to the highest possible level that has never been achieved by any portable amp in the World. The drive capability of 4 channels teaming to give you the highest possible headroom needed to achieve the best possible signal to noise ratio without any distortion or clipping is just amazing.

The Protector has the best fully differential input to output op-amp in the industry. It is designed to take a single ended analog input signal and splits it into two signals 180 degrees out of phase, one with the positive polarity the other with negative. Sources like, iPhone/iPod, CD player, phono stage, don’t have to be fully balanced to be enjoyed when paired with the balanced output of Protector.

The Protector is designed to drive all the headphones in the Hi-End market with no problem. Being high impedance or low, the Protector can do it all.

It is important to mention that the Protector has 3 independent levels of gains. The low gain is designed to work with all the in ears monitors, IEMs. The Medium gain is for all the low impedance headphones out there. The Hi Gain is for all the high impedance.

The balanced connector on the Protector is chosen for its high quality & durability. It is very reliable and it will give you years of service without any troubles.

Balanced pins are terminated on the amp as follow: Left channel, PIN # 1 is Positive Signal. PIN # 3 is Negative Signal.

Right Channel, PIN # 2 is Positive Signal. PIN # 4 is Negative signal.

Please fully charge your Protector before using. The Protector needs 100-200 hours of burn-in time.

The Protector comes with industries best lifetime warranty. It is transferable to second & third owners no questions asked.