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EMMELINE By Ray Samuels Audio

Emmeline, The Shadow, a portable amp with digital volume control.

The Shadow is designed to be the ultimate portable amp with precision digital volume control. As the more demanding IEMs have been surfacing, the more accurate volume control is needed to precisely exhibit accurate & balanced audio between the two channels, left & right. This is very important due to the sensitivity of these IEMs. At the same time the sound stage becomes fully focused & dead luck in the middle as the volume goes up or down. With that kind of precision between the two channels the music is portrayed in 3Ds, thus the location of the instruments & the singer is better displayed to give you the pleasure of almost being there, also the depth & the height of the sound stage improves due to the accuracy of the digital volume control.

Let me state some thing very important to our friends where ever they are, the Shadow is not designed to be used with high impedance headphones, nor is designed for an inefficient ones. Yes it does drive those phones to a certain volume which might be good enough for some low headphone listeners, but it won’t be enough volume for loud volume listeners. I just want to be clear on this. The shadow can deliver a whopping 250ma per channel to each driver with no problem, this is enough current to satisfy all the professional low impedance headphones, also can swing the entire battery voltage up to 4.2VDC with no problem, this voltage is enough to kick the hell out of the Pro. low impedance phones.

The Shadow has a gain of THREE. It is enough gain to make all in ears monitors & low impedance headphones sound great & with ample of volume for every one.

Two of the most important features of the Shadow, that OTHERS can’t claim with their digital volume control amps, is that the SHADOW has no input & output CAPACITORS in the SIGNAL PATH. That by it self is the most important feature when it comes to coloring the sound. No matter how expensive the caps might be. As some one has said & indicated it in writing, Rule # 1, NO CAPS IN THE SIGNAL PATH.

The second feature of the Shadow is the length of the play back time from a single charge. Using IEMs you can get up to 72 hours of pleasure, listening to your favorite music while on the go, that is 9 days at 8 hours per day, at 4 hours of listening the charge would last 18 days, WOW.

The Shadow will come with an adaptor, 5 volts 1 amp. The end plug of the adaptor is a mini USB. Please keep in mind that the Shadow has no DAC in it, it is designed with this connector so you can charge your Shadow with your desk top or your lap top. The little red LED on the back of the shadow will go off once the battery is fully charged.

IMPORTANT… NO harm is done if you keep the shadow on the charger all the time. The Shadow will play back during the charging period. IMPORTANT…Don’t use another charger with the Shadow as you might burn the charging circuitry & damage the battery. The warranty won’t cover such a mistake.

The Shadow comes with three years WARRANTY that covers PARTS, LABOR & THE BATTERY. Customer pays shipping only.