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EMMELINE By Ray Samuels Audio

Emmeline SR-71 Headphone Amp

What makes the Emmeline SR-71; portable headphone amp so special, is the sound produced by this little gem competes with that of the best portable out there? Or, should I say, does it compete with the best home based amps with their refined power supplies? I will leave it to you to be the judge of that.

The SR-71 has one of the most advanced yet simple and thought of design, in both layout and component. The amp has the best lane separation and shortest signal paths. Built on FR4 material with Military Specs PC Board Oxygen free Copper. All signal lanes are kept on the bottom layer of the board, separated with the ground blocks and lanes. The upper side has the power lanes only. Both sides are covered with the grounding copper to minimize floor noise and isolate the signal lanes.

SR-71 has the best precision .1% Dale Vishay surface mount resistors. Three stages of storing energy and smoothing DC voltage are accomplished with Tantalum and Film capacitors, for the best performance and most demanding passages that require a lot of power.

SR-71 is protected from any damage if the batteries are installed incorrectly through internal circuitry. The gain is adjusted to work very well with the best professional high and low impedance headphones, especially, the in ear canal’s headphones like the Ety’s and Shure. The SR-71 performance is limited only by the quality of the source. You will be amazed how it sounds with the best of home base CD players.

The SR-71 has a big, huge, sound stage, very focused, and three dimensional. You will never believe the sound that is produced from an amp of 3.5” x 2.5” x 1.5”. All controls are on the front faceplates. Both input and output connectors are 1/8 of an inch, separated by a red LED power indicator. The back of the amp is a well thought of custom built design to house two 9 volt batteries with no wires required to give 60-70 hours of the best performance in audio listening pleasure. The chassis is custom brushed black anodized aluminum with a gold silk screening. The knob is brushed aluminum with a natural anodized finish.


  • Input Impedance = 50K Ohms
  • Input Sensitivity = .5V – 4V PP
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 100Khz
  • Gain = 6 db
  • Output Impedance = 16Ohms – 2Khz
  • Output Stage Current Device = 250 MA
  • Battery Life with Alkaline = 50-70 hrs
  • Made in the USA