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EMMELINE By Ray Samuels Audio

Emmeline XP-7 Headphone Amp

The Emmeline XP-7 Headphone Amp is a true dual mono design. It has the simplest and purest circuitry. No caps in the signal path. All signal traces and power lanes are separated by solid grounds. Both of the PC boards, amp and power supply, have military specs with the highest quality dual sited FR4 material with 2 oz. pure copper oxygen free. No wires are found in this design, as all components are located in their respected places and soldered directly on the PC boards.

Polypropylene is extensively used across every electric caps to smoothen the DC supply. Components are located in the proper place to minimize noise and cut signal paths to shortest possible. The IC Sockets are of the highest quality available in the industry—gold pins and sockets for better conductivity with op-amp pins. This gives the XP-7 the capability to roll op-amps. Both PC boards are hand soldered with military solder and temperature controlled stations. Boards are chemically cleaned from all solder residue and polish. The full size noble pot is hand selected and matched between left and right channels for ohmage and tracking. High quality RCA connectors and headphone jack are implemented.

As to the battery pack, it is a state of the art compartment. No snap on wires are involved. Batteries are housed in the amp without carrying them around in an external container. Using high quality batteries, the XP-7 gives more then 30-35 hrs of enjoyable music without sacrificing sound quality. The chassis is custom designed for the XP-7 with high quality black anodized aluminum and knob. It is silver silk screened with good art work and shielded from RF noise through DC ground. The DC connector on the amp and the plug on the power supply DC cable are new in the industry. Its quality and size is the best choice for this amp.

The power supply is one of the well thought out in both design and structure. High quality toroidal power transformer PC board mountable, with dual primary and dual secondary is implemented. It could be wired to handle both 120v AC or to 20v AC. Each secondary output has its own full wave rectifier. Again, each rectification stage is bypassed by a polypropylene caps to smooth the DC. Two adjustable regulators are used to tweak the voltage to .01 of a volt accuracy between + and Р12v. The custom made power supply chassis has the same size and quality of workmanship as the amp chassis̥. It is black anodized with a beautiful faceplate. It is AC ground shielded and has detachable AC cord capability. An umbilical cable 6-8 inches long with three 18 AWG wires, and military specs are used to transfer the power between the two chassis. Both amp and power supply are burned in for a 100 hours prier to shipping.


  • Main Chassis Dimensions: 6×4.5×1.5
  • Power Supply Dimensions: 6×4.5×1.5
  • Made in the USA