The Raptor
EMMELINE By Ray Samuels Audio

Emmeline XR-2 Phono Pre-Amp

The XR-2 MC/MM is a true dual high resolution phono stage pre-amp using four AD797 state of the art audio IC’s. It has a tube-like warmth and fullness without sacrificing details. The sound staging is three dimensional and precisely reflects the location of instruments and their depths.

All the resistors are of the highest quality film .1% tolerance and very transparent. All caps are polypropylene and poly carbonate. They are precisely matched between the left and right channels. The PC board is a FR4 material which is of highest quality two sided two oz. with military specs. Ground traces and lanes separate signal lanes and power lanes from each others. The XR-2 has a high quality micro switch capable of changing an inputs impedance to match that of the phono cartridge. 47k, 470 ohm, 100 ohm, 80 ohm, 50 ohm, 30 ohm, plus a custom location for a resistor of choice. The chassis is black anodized aluminum with custom face plate and red LED.

The power supply is a piece of art by it self. It is housed in a separate black anodized chassis and connected to the main electronics with a 5.5 feet low noise shielded cable. It uses the same quality FR4 PC board and utilizes a high quality toroidal transformer with two independent secondary windings, each has its own separate full wave bridge rectifier. Every electrolytic cap is smoothened with a polypropylene cap. The regulation is done with two adjustable regulators for precise voltages and both of the regulators are protected by diodes from reversed currents. The output voltages are very smooth and precise. The XR-2 is always on, so its ready to play at all times. The warm-up time is 15-30 minutes to play at its best.

Both the electronics and the power supply are broken in for at least 48 hours before shipped and all components are soldered by hand and inspected for quality. The XR-2 is warranted for a period of five years parts and labor, and is transferable to a second owner.


  • Main Chassis Dimensions: 6×4.5×1.5
  • Power Supply Dimensions: 6×4.5×2.5
  • Made in the USA