The Raptor
EMMELINE By Ray Samuels Audio


Stealth Pre-Amp/Headphone Amp $2,495.00
Emmeline XP-7 Headphone Amp $495.00
Emmeline XP-7 Headphone Amp (with power supply) $695.00
Emmeline XP-7 Power Supply $225.00
Emmeline HR-2 Headphone Amp $875.00
Emmeline II B-52 Pre-Amp/Headphone Amp $5,350.00
Emmeline XR-2 Phono Pre-Amp $1,050.00
Emmeline F-117, Nighthawk, phono stage $795.00
Emmeline The Apache Pre-Amp/Headphone Amp $2,995.00
Emmeline SR-71 Portable Headphone Amp No longer available
Emmeline “SR-71B” The Black Bird, Fully balanced input-output portable headphone amp $650.00
Emmeline The Protector, balanced portable amp $475.00
Emmeline XR-10B Phono Stage $4,500.00
Emmeline II “The Raptor” Headphone Amp $1,175.00
Emmeline “The Hornet” Portable Headphone Amp
(Includes the universal adapter/charger. Two high capacity rechargeable batteries)
Emmeline “The Tomahawk” Portable Headphone Amp
Emmeline “The Predator”, Portable USB DAC/AMP
(Includes the universal adapter/charger.)
Emmeline “P-51 Mustang” Portable Headphone Amp $375.00
Emmeline “The Black Bird” SR-71A Portable Headphone Amp $450.00
Emmeline “The Shadow” Portable Headphone Amp $395.00
Emmeline “Low Profile LOD connector/wire with Military Specs Wire” $125.00 each
Emmeline “A-10, Thunderbolt II” Fully Balanced, Pre-Amp/Electrostatic Headphone Amp $6,500.00
Emmeline “The Dark Star” Fully Balanced Headphone Amp $3,495.00
Emmeline “The Intruder” Fully Balanced Portable Amp/USB DAC $700.00
Emmeline “F-35, The Lightning” Fully Balanced Portable Amp $549.00
The first 200 F-35, The lightning amps will be offered at… $499.00

For the portable amps: SR-71, Hornet, Tomahawk, Predator, SR-71A, P-51, and Shadow:

  • CONUS shipping via FedEx 3 days express w/ tracking # is $16.00.
  • Worldwide shipping via FedEx express, please call or send an E-Mail to find out the shipping fee.
  • Please add $15.00 when selecting any color other than black.
  • Please add $25.00 when selecting a combo of two colors.

Method of payment: Certified Cashiers Check or PayPal. (Please contact us if using PayPal.)

Note: Prices do not reflect shipping fee and other expenses. Please call or email us for the final shipping cost.

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