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F-35, The Lightning balanced portable Amp

F-35, The Lightning, The Smallest, Fully balanced, Input To Output Portable Headphone Amp In The World.


The F-35 comes with ONLY balanced output connector. It has no 3.5 mm SE output. NEVER EVER short the balanced output pins to create a single ended output. Using an adapter to convert the balanced output plug to single ended plug will over heat the buffers and burn the output stage. This act will NOT be covered under warranty. The F-35 should ONLY be used as balanced output.

The BALANCED/SE input switch on the back panel should be toward SE connector, 3.5 mm, when input signal is from a SE source. When fully balanced signal is used from either balanced CD or DAC the BALANCED/SE switch should be toward the BALANCED Connector.

The two gain switches are on the front panel. The HI gain is designed to swing the voltage needed to satisfy the demanding phones, specially, when SE input is fed a low signal via iDevices.

  • LO gain of 3
  • MID gain of 6
  • HI gain of 21

F-35, The lightning, has a phase split circuitry that converts a single input signal, fed to the SE input, to a balanced signal, thus you will always listen to a balanced sound via balanced output connector, even though your input signal is Single Ended.

Both input & output, balanced connectors, have identical pins assignment & they are identical to those of the Intruder, SR-71B & the Protector amps. The F-35 has three years warranty, it covers parts & labor. The battery has one year warranty.

Specs will follow…

Balanced connector pins assignment:

Pin # one is Positive signal of left channel. Pin # three is the Negative signal of the left channel Pin # two is the Positive signal of the right channel. Pin # four is the Negative signal of the right Channel.